Alternative Debt Relief

Whether you want to get out of debt

The Payday Loan Alternative

Why settle for expensive loans? They always cost you more, so that
you have less, and that is the best case scenario. Worst case is that
things happen that is not your fault and you end up in a debt spiral
that you never get out of. Work with us and avoid a debt spiral at the
same time as you have fun and get lots of cash.

Get Out of Debt

If you are already in debt, it's very difficult to get out of. Even doing just one shoot with me could really help, and you are always welcome to do more to really clear the debt!

Help pay for Holidays & More

Earn enough money to get out of debt, then pay for that item you have always wanted or just get a break on holiday

Its Super Easy to get started

All you need is your phone, then get in touch with us to see what you can submit. You can film yourself with just your camera phone or record with us live over the phone.