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Get paid up to £2000 and earn royalties 

Natural Insemination - no vials - no fraud
A personal approach as opposed to just receiving a vial that may contain the sperm of any donor or even a donor that has lied. Natural insemination apart from being the most effective and successful way to conceive, provides another natural check against genetically undesirable donors.
Ordering Vials online can leave the entire process open to fraud and miss uses; many are well documented online and in the news where it has been revealed that a donor is either
an entirely different person, has lied regarding occupation or health and any other number of transgressions.

This is different, we provide natural insemination only. No vials. This means you get to meet 
the donor in person, serving as a natural check against sperm fraud. We also pay you - that's right, it not just a free sperm donor service - we pay you for shooting with us, plus you will always earn royalties from your video.

Most clinics may ask medical history of the family. 
But if you look they only provide the donors current occupation, and other traits which is no indication as to whether the traits will be inherited. The person you will be with for 1814mazan has been checked 
for good and desirable traits for the last three generations of family members. 
1814mazan is at its core a company focused on hereditary research - which is naturally why we earn our profits in the 'adult industry'. We invest all profits into our research and sharing our profits with Sperm Donor clients.

Sperm Donor Details
Nationality: British
Height: 5'10
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Qualifications: BA in Business Studies, Personal Training,
No genetic defects, of history of health problems. Fit, exercises
often. Notable history of strength and tolerance to infections.
Hobbies: Creative arts and sciences, computers, exercise, reading, playing team football, travelling around the world.
Notable Family Details: History of entrepreneurship, service in war, large families, and creativity.
The importance of good Sperm Donor traits
Every aspect of who we are is based on hereditary abilities from our parents.
This is where we get sayings like ‘it’s in the blood’ when we meet a family of creatives, leaders and businessmen. Each of us is a custodian to the most important inheritance our child will receive. To squander this would be far worse than to squander a financial inheritance. Thus, it is our moral duty to consider the Hereditary Abilities our child will receive from us.

As we know from the groundbreaking work of Gregor Mendel, to only consider the traits of the Mother & Father would be a fallacy. But it is a fallacy that nearly all other Donor services commit! They only provide the history of the Donors parents and sually just allergies and diseases. This is why 1814mazans Donor provides traits like creativity, intelligence, large families, a history of business achievements and more for 3 generations. As discovered by  Mendel, we need information from at least 3 generations of the family to provide more accurate information as to whether an ability is hereditary or just a random chance occurrence, meaning it is less likely to appear in any children. It was for this reason that we offer you this natural life-changing service.

We provide more than a completely free Sperm Donor Service - You will always earn money from
1814mazan to provide you & your child with a safe and comfortable future. 1814mazan will pay you royalties from your videos as well as a portion of our overall profits!
The Service is provided in a safe and fun environment with just you and your donor - no camera crew.
It is shot tactfully and to a high standard, plus, we can shoot in a wayto help protect your identity so you are not recognised.


What are the costs involved?
None. We pay you!
How do I apply?
are required to complete our confidential contact form.You may choose
to provide us with your family background to improve our research.

Do you provide any extra help?
Yes, we are here to help you.
Is my information confidential?
All the information you provide is kept strictly confidential and you can do the shoot privately.

Do I have a guarantee for children?
No. We can only guarantee to provide you with a service, we are happy to see you multiple times if required.