Escorts & Stippers Wanted

You too could be a featured Escort or Stripper on this site, or progress from your current situation and cross over into porn, with its far greater earning potential and safer enviroment.
WE PAY YOU to film! With many payment options available to you.
Whether you offer a full GFE experience or just a massage, get in touch to find out how you could be the next girl to star in our videos! 

Get paid & increase your exposure when you film with us, even if you don’t want your identity revealed!

We also give YOU the option of how to be paid, from getting extra money as a one off or on a semi regular basis by filming with 18m, you can also choose to take home a one off payment or earn residual income for the life of the videos.

Even for those wishing to hide their identity benefit from the exposure being in a video can bring, maybe you haven’t considered the many positives yet, but people find it can bring in more clients, and also gives them more power to charge more for their time!

Shoots can take place on location, or at your regular place of business. Plus you can now send recordings to us and even record live over the phone - no crew or anyone else there.




There is huge demand for videos with people who offer massages, and like above you can choose the payments and frequency that suits you the most.

Massages can take place in your own premises, and usually take less time than you think.

With all shoots, filming can be done to protect your identity. With no need to upload personal detials as you would if you decided to do porn on your own!